Blogs and Vlogs


A blog is a website that is updated regularly and displays the content in reverse chronological order. Blogs can contain textual, graphic, audio, and visual information. There are numerous blogging softwares that can either be hosted or installed on a server. Installed blog software includes Moveable Type, Word, and Nucelus CMS. Blog host servers, such as Blogger, Live Journal, or Word, are often used as the technological knowledge needed to create one is small.

The purpose of blogs will vary and sometimes depends on the blog hosting server. For example, Live Journal is a blogging software that is widely popular for fan fiction, fiction written using characters and story lines from popular original works.

Some people have critiqued blogs as a forum for useless banter, but blogs are used in a variety of ways and by a variety of people. From teenagers to politicians, blogs have become popular among a wide group of people seeking to express themselves.

Blog Search Engines

A blog search engine is like any search engine. A search engine is a program that retrieves webpages using the keywords input by the user. The difference between a search engine and a blog search engine is that a blog search engine searches specifically for blogs. Three examples of blog search engines are: Blog Search Engine, Technorati, and Google Blog Search.


Vlogs are a special form of blog that focuses on video entries instead of the traditional text. Although, like blogs, some may wonder if anyone is viewing them, some Vlogs have become popular and have large fan followings.

There are several different sites that host Vlogs and the content varies depending on the users’ interests, thoughts, or ideas for that day. To learn more about Vlogs go to Freevlog.



2 responses to “Blogs and Vlogs

  1. Blogs seem to be handy, you can find all sorts of interesting things on them, but there are people that use blogs to hurt others.

  2. At their best, blogs could be a way to increase sources of information on a very wide variety of subjects, on a personal and interactive level, and with an element of “currency”. For example, I was really interested to see how blogs could provide information on the “ground-level” conditions in developing countries whose governments may censor regular media.
    Blogs would also be a useful and exciting tool for opening up areas of particular interest, and could be a positive addition to corporate and institutional websites, if properly directed.
    On the other hand, it seems that blogs can also degenerate into showcases for those with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. It was very helpful to learn about the blog search engines that help avoid running into some of these too-personal sites.
    Final comment: Thanks Erin for a really interesting and informative workshop.

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